B2B Discounts

Hare Krishna,

If you are a temple, business, or an individual interested in Bulk discounts, you can take advantage of our discounts by registering as a B2B customer in our site. Our B2B customers plan have many advantages:-

1) Unparalleled Discount plan:- Currently our discount plans applicable are:-

From ₹2000 to ₹10000 - 10%

From ₹10001 to ₹25000 - 15%

From ₹25001 to ₹50000 - 20%

From ₹50001+  - 25%

2) Flexible Payment plans - At the discretion of the management, you can choose to offer payment in installments

3) Reduced Shipping Fees 

4) New Books, Paraphernalia launches notifications

HOW to Register?

If you would like to register as a B2B customer, you can register yourself by clicking on this link

After registration, you will get a confirmation mail in your email. After confirmation of your email id, you will be registered as a B2B customer in Mayapur Online Store.

How to purchase?

To purchase products, please login at the site before adding items to your cart. You can login at the site from this link.

After signing in, you can select the items you want to purchase in your virtual cart. As soon as virtual cart total reaches ₹ 2,000, a 10% discount will be applied automatically. Similarly 15% discount will be applied when the cart total reaches ₹ 10,000. And similarly 20% discount will be applied when the cart total reached ₹25,000.

After entering your billing address and shipping address, you can select the payment terms.

You have 3 options to pay:-

1) Pay through Payment Gateway

2) Pay through Bank Transfer

3) Pay by Cash on Delivery

Also for shipping there are 2 options:-

1) Ship with Delhivery

2) Handcollect it from Mayapur

Upon payment confirmation, the items will be shipped to the shipping address

In case if you want to know further, you can call up Vamsi Gopinath Das, +91-9434343222, email:- mayapuronlinestore@gmail.com, vgn.das@gmail.com

Your Servants,

Mayapur Online Store Team